Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring time- so busy now!

It sucks I haven't been able to update this in awhile, but sadly, most of what I'm working on falls under the umbrella of semi-classified. I'm back at my old job doing product testing at MSOE, so my free time has completely disappeared, I'm spending a lot of time doing some repair work that has been haunting me all winter, we're getting ready to move, so i'm packing up the shop and getting rid of junk, and most importantly I'm finally getting more parts off the ground and into production. All my cash and time have been tied up with product testing and development lately, but it should start paying off.

If you're waiting on machine work, I'm sorry, things are crazy busy right now, and the heads, kits, etc. are on the back burner while i try to get some products developed. Its amazing how much time and effort goes into producing something from an idea, to prototyping, testing, refinement, production, etc etc. I'm committed to producing the finest quality, made-in-america high performance moped parts, and its very time consuming, but hang in there folks. Some really great stuff is on its way.