Monday, April 13, 2015


If you have ever bought a real SHA along with a few small screws and some jets you have probably had the same feeling I have had... you come home knowing your treats will be there, but nothing on your doorstep. You look in your mailbox and there at the very bottom is a tiny envelope which you open and spread out on your kitchen table. It looks like the proverbial handful of magic beans, a puny little garbage carb and a few trinkets and your heart sinks 'I paid 100 bucks for THIS?!'

I call it 'Del-pression' and it can now be cured.  THIS fine DAKAR clone carburetor is the solution.

The finish is great... some of the casting is chunkier than the Del SHA but in a good way, more material where you want it. The bowl is metal, the top is metal, it has a real o-ring gasket, the slide is metal, the fuel fill banjo is metal, and best of all that glorious mid-range jetting needle.

These are so much nicer than 'real' SHA's and they can actually be tuned without a divining rod, handful of chicken bones, and a left-turn screwdriver.

They come with the 19mm shim you will need for your peugeot malossi intake, puch intake or just about any other intake (some tomos take 18mm don't know why? you can use a open end wrench to measure the intake size before you buy it if you don't have a fancy calipers or measurin' stick)

Seriously though, cant say enough good things about this little buddy. Drawbacks? Hmm if you are putting it on a peugeot you can't get at the adjustment screw. Not as bad as a dellorto which doesn't even have one... so there is that!

I dunno why this is even a discussion, huh? Its like half the price and better. If you want a bigger carb buy a mikuni or an oko, seriously throw that Dellorto junk away man, its obsolete!