Wednesday, October 26, 2011

central standard daylight savings time

It has been a crazy summer, too crazy to 'blog' about in fact.

My lovely girlfriend and I had a kid:
From Blogg

My brother moved in with us to go to school for industrial design
From cranks rally 11

I partied in Chicago
(photo redacted)

I made some moped parts
From Moped Factory Products

And I worked on a few projects
From Bridgestone

New Bridgestone 100GP

From Sea-Bee outboard

1948 'Sea-Bee' by Gale outboard, totally rebuilt and restored

plus lots more!

I'll try to start writing up some of my summer projects here and there when i have time. The outboard just got finished yesterday, so if the glue is all dry i'll probably start it up tonight and post up that restoration process soon.

The red sachs 'sally' has also come a long way, but it really makes me depressed with the constant not-running-ness, and now its leaking out all its trans oil, so that one might be awhile.

There is a really nice Polini ZA50 in my garage also on the cusp of going back together with lots of custom goodies. I'll be taking pictures of that as it goes together and posting it up as well.

Most of my moped time has been going into Moped Factory lately, building the product base and expanding our offerings, plus keeping up with demand. More good stuff on that front is coming also.