Monday, January 16, 2012

Ah shoot

Despite being an engineer and having quite a bit of experience with computer type things, writing code, configuring networks, hardware, software... etc. I find myself being completely unable to navigate simple systems. Facebook boggles the hell out of me, "i" phones dont make any damn sense at all, and apparently the totally idiot-proof interface of 'blogger' is beyond my technical sophistication.

Long story short, I started out trying to figure out why the heading photo got resized down to tiny, and somehow i messed up my blog. Now pictures are all whack-sized, colors and themes are lost, and a bunch of time i put into making it somewhat readable over the years is all gone. It took me a couple weeks just to figure out how the heck to get back 'in' to the control interface and make it somewhat legible.

If i get some time here in the next couple weeks i'll try to fix things and add some of the new fun things i've been working on. In the meantime sorry if it looks crazy around here.

I'm putting some time into developing a new website for moped factory, and parent company motzing engineered components, on my own server, without glitzy templates and crap... just something simple and ugly (think geocities style) with good valuable content, then i can keep this blog for updates on dumb stuff like when i changed a throttle cable and when i'm feeling sad about backstreet boys not getting back together, and whatever else dumb stuff that people put on these things... cake photos?