Friday, February 19, 2010

Mid-winter update

As indicated by my previous post, i've been busy as heck. I'm trying to get a bunch of projects finished up over my 'quarter break' coming up at the end of the month here, because next quarter i'm headed back to MSOE more-fuller-time with 2 or 3 classes, and it looks like i'm headed back to my other day job too, so my moped time will be shut down for about 3 months.
I've got three major projects I'd like to get into 'production' state by then, so I can sit back and coast, but its put my personal bikes on hold. I figured, in the spirit of Terry Dean's helming of MotoMatic Blog, i'd cruise around the shop today with a camera and take some teaser photos of what i've been up to.

Vespa cylinders!

100SL2 yamaha project, for a customer, pretty rad bike

Ewwww... four stroke... my CL100 racebike for the Lake Erie Loop this spring. thats got a big 'in progress' sticker on it.

What's this all about?

Exiting things to come..


  1. That's a bunch of vespa you're working on there...Is that bottle broken piece vespa shaped? Looks like some sort of plaster mold or something.

  2. So your doing aluminum casting now?