Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Housekeeping

2 quick things:

1) I have some heads for sale on Moped Army buy/sell

Aftermarket 'treats' Hi comp 50 and 70, $25 shipped. The 50 is in perfect cond. The 70 was a little beat up but i re-faced it on the lathe.

Batavus M48 hi comp 50 cc. I think i decked this about .025". They can go a lot further, but this is definitely a noticeable gain especially on the upper midrange where these things have no power whatsoever.

#B) Thanks so much to everyone voting for the Cranks this round of MA branch review. Two handsome and fabulous Mosquito Fleeters even put us in their blogs. The warm fuzzies are just flying around the interwebs, getting stuck in the nooks and crannies and in my butter There are a lot of REALLY AWESOME GANGS applying for MA Branch Status this year and we Cranks are so honored to have the chance to apply. Thanks for all the kind words and supports MA, hopefully we'll get in and can continue spreading the love and warm fuzzies.

See you midwest cats in louisville at thanksgiving!

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  1. I guess I pegged myself as the handsome one, but it's hard to say.