Friday, December 10, 2010

Peugeot coil fail

BAH! Spent the whole morning yesterday untangling a huge rats nest of magnet wire, then wrapping it onto the peugeot coil core, then installing the coil and trying to get life out of it... nothing. bummer. It has continuity and measures about 5 ohms of resistance. This seems kinda high to me, i'm shooting for basically a slightly hopped up replica of a stock puch coil which measures 2 ohms.

I talked to some EE's today at work about coil theory, i guess the EMF or whatever it is that moves electrons in the wire of the coil, will be forming a rotational force (kindof like a torque) around the axis of the core. I knew this already and it makes sense, but i hadn't thought much about it. That means that the smaller diameter of the core, the more current and less voltage, which is not what i want, i think, because i'm looking for high voltage and low current... although they are related by resistance in the HT coil primary winding. This is all very confusing.

Bottom line, i need to re wrap the coil, but this time maybe go slower and do a more orderly job of wrapping the wire. I dont think the direction matters, but who knows. I grounded one side of the wire to the core itself and ran one side to the High tension primary phase (along with points/condenser). then grounded the high tension to the motor and tried to measure VAc with the points held open. Nothing. Shoot, i would have hoped to at least see a little juice.

I really need an o-scope or maybe just a 'not 3.99 harbor freight' DMM... I'm starting to think I'm a bit out of my league with this project, but seriously, how hard can it be, its just a coil of wire around a steel core, right?

Hopefully i can do more 'spearmintin this weekend.

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