Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy Weekend.

Pulling a couple long days here trying to get these all finished up.
From Heads

I was going to link to the category of my heads on 1977mopeds, but it would appear that they have all sold out except for the 44 mm hero puch. Wow. Or its a glitch.

Either way, Moped Factory parts are now for sale at I promise i'm working on the website with all the information on models, specifics, and tips for the best setup, but right now I'm pretty slammed.

From Heads

Also got a whole pile of stuff in development that should be coming out as soon as i catch up on my current production. I'll be putting out big shipments to The Treats Gang and 1977 Mopeds as soon as I make them. Rollers, Batavus stuff, and the other little random parts will be getting done soon as well. promise!

The Moped Factory is becoming a real second job for me right now, and I gotta say, as much work as it is, its pretty great to be able to make this my job. Thanks so much to everyone who is supporting me and buying my stuff, helping with development, and testing products. I'm undergoing a real tight spot right now because I'm a bit too big for my current production level, but not quite big enough to afford the equipment and help that it will take to push this to the next level. Thanks everyone for being so patient with things, I'm trying to focus on keeping my quality #1 no matter what size I am, so there will probably continue to be long waits for the next couple months while things grow. If you have any questions or want to know where your parts are at, or how long out something might be, feel free to email me.


  1. Hey, your site rocks and will become a new resource for me. I help with the honda express moped blog:

    You appear to know your S#*T when it comes to hi comp cylinder heads. Just putting this question to ya'.... Do you think the 1977 moped "HONDA MB5 HI-COMP 70CC HEAD" ( would fit the "HONDA 70CC DR CYLINDER KIT" (

    I'm running the 70cc dr kit now and was looking to push it a little more with the hi comp head.

    Thanks for your time,

  2. jfk,
    the stud holes for that will not fit, email me at motzingg gmail for more info on getting a custom machined head for express.

  3. I ordered some parts from a little over a week ago,Id say 10 days ago and i still havent gotten my parts and i even paid the extra for priority mail..The money for the parts and priority mail was deducted from my bank account i just didnt get any parts