Thursday, March 8, 2012

Steady Bloggin'

Or not so much.

I just finished compiling the list of  Tech articles I've written. It was good to go back and look at some of that stuff from years ago. Its good for me to see how much I've improved in my understanding of mopeds and engines and such, how much better my shop practices are and see some of the comments I missed.

The only thing that hasn't improved apparently is my actual blog writing. I should be writing more and writing better, taking more pictures, and thinking about my work. Right now I'm working on my senior design project and my project notebook is a big weakness. The original reason I started this blog was to slow down and doccument what I do, hopefully to improve. In some ways I have, in some ways I haven't. Either way to be a good engineer it is critical and now is as good a time to make myself keep notes as any.

Now that I have an exciting new format and its getting to be spring again, I'll be trying harder to make good habits stick and continue to write and document everything I do.

Speaking of, there is a lot of new stuff that can go in the 'Bridgestone' build page from last weekend. I spent a whole day in the machine shop re-machining a little cog thingy that works with the kickstart mechanisim. I'll put up some more pics and try to write up the current state of progress on the 'Bridgestone' page soon.

Moving right along, the Sachs build is progressing incrementally and I'm hoping to have time to pull the Peugeot engine this weekend. Got a motorcycle skills class on Sunday that should be interesting.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Maaaaan, I love Bridgestones! Very interested to see that.

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