Saturday, April 14, 2012

Place holder, for now

I wanted to get a post up here just to remind myself what I've been doing the last couple weeks. Maybe kind-of a teaser for now because I promise to fill in all the details, pics, and everything else once i have more time to write.

Been working slow but sure on the sachs, the engine has been together for a couple weeks now but i wanted to powdercoat the intake manifold, previously painted crappily with primer, and sand the clutch discs to see how they would hold up. I've got the whole new clutch drawn up on napkins, and once i find some time i'll be re-designing the pack in solid works. Hoping to be able to put together an 'uberclutch' that outperforms the german one for about $100 us.

 Is this why you had an air leak?

 Engine re-fitted temporarily, nice and shiny p-coat intake manifold! Damn that sexy. Now its just hooking all the cables back up, tuning it, fitting the seat cover, adding buddy pegs, finishing the airbox/airfilter... i guess there is quite a lot to be done yet.

Finally got the new intake manifold attached. Also modded (lightened) the variator and pulled 3 balls out of the clutch. Woah, what a difference! Unfortunately I cant compare what the carb change did and what the variator change did independantly because i did them at the same time. Due to the peugeot having the 'old style' mounting bracket where the spring rod thingy doesnt come out, installing the engine is a godawful pain in the ass, so i elected to do them both at the same time. The reconditioned SHA is leaking like it has a hole in it, so I ordered some new jets and a new needle and i'll be installing those and finishing the tuning this week. Low end tuning is rich as hell because the air filter has gas dripping out of it... darn.

Got the rear hub rebuilt, still have to bend the bent swingarm back into place, and re-fix the clutch, but we are making slow progress.

Working on a few new parts, hobbit subframe braces for racers and heavy dudes, and the sachs clutches mentioned.

yikes! Maybe i'll have time this week to fill in the rest of that, maybe not. whew, sobusynow. Leaving you with a little view of the shop. AMERICA!!!!!!!!

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