Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dirty bike'n

This one was too good to pass up. Yamaha DT50- $225.

I saw the add on craigslist Monday morning, it had been posted late Sunday night and I figured it was probably gone. I left the tab open and went about my day for 2-3 hours. I couldn't resist, finally I shot the guy an email.

He called me back on the drive home and I explained to him that I wasn't interested in Craigslist BS but I'd come get the bike tomorrow night if he didn't sell it by then. He liked the cut of my jib because he gave me first dibs to go out and pick her up.

Since it was already dark when I picked her up, I wasn't able to do much more than a cursory inspection. Didn't even get to check her out until the next day at lunch time.

Dang, this is a pretty sweet little bike.
So at first look its just a dumb little kids dirt bike. Except that its not little, its full sized, at least moped full sized. About the same size as a TSM, bigger than a Magnum. Probably in line with your average XR100 kinda thing. I had heard of these before but I didn't know much about them, to be honest. I just had seen this thread in MA, which I had ignored. So I went back and checked it out.

It was the comment 'Cool dudes who steal lunch money ride DT.' that sold me on buying the thing.

This is where the magic happens, this little powerplant is the same one yamaha put in the RZ50 and its a balls-out fire breathing 6 speed race motor.

The original color was sky blue, its a shame because its beautiful. Given the general level of jacked-up-ness I'd say it was really well cared for by its original owner. Probably ran great until something minor caused it to be parked. There it sat for awhile until some jerk bought it and decided he didn't like the blue. He proceeded to rattle-can it black, and loose a bunch of the body parts, rubber, and hardware. Someone fairly recently also managed to booger up a bunch of screws. Wreck the head and base gasket by opening it up.

This is the cylinder. Its in really good shape aside from the rust inside. Its a little worn, but nothing unusual. Definitely not been seized or cooked too bad. Even the rings are really nicely broken-in. The whole engine internally appears to be in great shape.

These ports are gorgeous. Seriously, like Terry Dean levels of gorgeousness here. I'm thinking a little bluffing on that bridge, a little port cleanup and maybe raise the exhaust a tiny bit. Its already maxed out on width.

This is the monoshock rear suspension. A battery is supposed to go in here, after some continued discussion on the MA performance thread, a friendly fella is gonna send me the stock airbox and some goodies he's pulling off his bike.

Such a cute miniature cooling system, its just the bare minimum. The burp tank is made out of blow-molded polyethelyene that is ever so slightly thicker than milk jug. 80's jap motorcycle tech was so sparse and efficient.

The thermostat was missing and lots of the outer gaskets and phillips head screws were good'n trashed. Lots of black RTV silicone all over everything. Even if the previous mechanics (to use the term loosely) were able to get this to fire, it must not have ran very well at all without the thermostat in there. 

The head gasket is toast. That is the primary reason for no compression. Someone obviously took it apart, didn't replace it.

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