Friday, January 8, 2010

Moped tuner/machinist for hire.

After a few recent conversations, It has occurred to me that I'm not the best self-promoter or businessman. Its apparently unclear here and other places I post my knowledge, that I do moped work for-hire. I spent the summer doing repair work trying to pay the bills, and since I'm still under-employed, I've got a lot of time to hang out in the workshop and make things faster.

My standard shop rate is $30/hr, for just about anything. Fabrication, welding, custom parts, adapters, manifolds, exhausts, if you've read the blog you know what I can do.

In addition to that, some services I commonly perform have flat-rate pricing:

Cylinder head milling: $25/ on-center spark plugs, $35/ off center spark plugs, $30/ Garelli and Minarelli heads with recessed sealing faces. All heads are custom machined for a specific bore and compression ratio, with 2-angle squish band.

From Machined Heads

Stock-cylinder porting: $50, you specify performance characteristics, I compute ideal port map. Jobs requiring additional machining extra.

Dellorto SHA or Bing carbureator boring, up to 7/8" (15.8mm): $20, plus any time spent cleaning/disassembling carb. This is performed to a mirror finish with a boring reamer, I will also remove and modify dellorto emulsion tubes.

Case-matching: $40 + gaskets. Shown is metrakit E50 with additional transfer porting.
From Metrakit Nate B

My gmail address works well for contacting me. I turn stuff around pretty quick, usually a week or less, but it depends on how busy I am. Email and discuss things with me, everything is custom, so Its my priority that its done just right for your build.

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