Monday, October 11, 2010

Puegeot Power!

In other words, the Peugeot is running well, finally! The last time I blarged it was way off, but turns out not so much really. Four stroking in the midrange had me dropping the needle all the way down lean. The bike was trying to tell me something was wrong because it kept puking out the throttle cable. Finally in an act of desperation I tried putting the needle medium-rich and now it is running beautifully.

I moved the timing a couple degrees off Shaw's suggestion of 15-17 BTDC, which might be wrong now giving me lousy low end, but who knows, I did port the cylinder pretty aggressively, plus I haven't tuned the clutch or the variator yet.

Here's how she's sitting right now.

From Puegeot

The pipe clearance is dead on.
From Puegeot

The porting was strictly 'seat of the pants'... I stayed pretty conservative because this is supposed to be getting set up for my girlfriend, but stock porting on these is pretty weak. I figure I can make up the loss of low end by tuning the clutch /variator, because right now when that clutch grabs it almost stalls the bike.
From Puegeot

Yep yep, pretty good stuff. Gonna be gettin' smashed this week, Wednesday I have 2, 2 hour midterms that are going to crush me. I probably have at least 10-15 hours of learnin' to do by then. Maybe thursday and friday i'll finally be able to dig myself out of this hole and make some magic happen. New developments on the Moped Factory front are in the works, but i'm pretty much broke so it is making purchasing raw materials difficult/impossible.

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