Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get ready to waste a few hours here

I try not to re-post much from the internet, but in the absence of any fun pictures in the last post (for some reason my computer stopped recognizing my SD card) I figured I'd send some folks over to this site for some moto-porn.

Big block chevy's, sick 50cc's of all breeds, and a ton of photos I've never seen anywhere else. This stuff is really amazing, probably spent a few hours already looking at all the cool stuff this guy has posted.

Really amazing to me to see all the different ways people have tried to get more power out of 50cc engines. I think the challenge of working within a very limited format forces some of the most innovative ideas and gives creative engineering types a chance to test ideas.

I've recently become infatuated with a technology known as 'Fuel-Air stratified turbulent' injection... stupid acronym that really doesn't explain what is going on, but I'm going to try to convince someone here to let me implement it on a 4-stroke engine for the high mileage vehicle. It was designed for 2-stroke scooters by piaggio... long story short it is a mechanical direct-injection system that requires no electricity and can run up to 10k rpm... unreal. Not much for performance gains, but the fuel economy is through the roof.

more on that later...

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