Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowpedding, subarus, etc

This blog is serving as a reminder of how out of mopeds I've been lately. Well, I dunno about that out of mopeds, i mean i'm still riding, just not getting as much wrench time in as I would like.

I am still riding, which is more than most of you northerners can say...

Its not very interesting, my batteries were dying but it was a somewhat sketchy ride home. The first few big snowfalls of the year always seem to be the worst, this year the snow coming very late probably made it even worse. The drivers are all going super slow, you forget not to use your front brake... etc.

Anyhow that was a week or two ago, now snow, slush and salt are de rigeur (i think thats the term i'm looking for) for this part of the country. I'm really liking the Peugeot in the crap, variation has its advantages, keeping me from sliding around as much, but i really hate the dry clutch and the bike still needs some tuning, the low end grunt that i'm used to from my maxi ZA just isn't there for plowing through snowy drifts, and the clutch wants to drag and push when you try to slow down. Plus the belt gets wet and slips a lot also... ok so i guess this really isn't a great snowped.

I was hoping to have my other ZA built and ready for the snow so i didn't have to abuse this poor pug to the salty badness, but oh well.

School has been busy. I should be doing homework now but i need a break.

In more good news (also somewhat related to moving around milwaukee in the snow) I got Caitlin a new car... We're now a TWO subaru family! how great is that!
From Blog

I picked up this slightly beat 1993 legacy sedan last weekend. Well not the one in the picture, but almost the exact same. This has a little rust in the corners, but all around not bad. The Peugeot 505 SW8 was just not cutting it for her. The rear-wheel drive isn't bad for slipping around (it has a LSD in the rearend) but getting it stuck between berms when parellel parking was a nightmare, plus little things like the heater blower motor going out at the beginning of December and having to drive around the state for Xmas with no heater, were starting to add up to me being annoyed.

Plus i got a pretty smokin' deal on this car for $300. The pre-1994 (post '89) subaru legacies have the best powertrain subaru ever put in anything... as far as reliability goes. Subaru, doing everything different, decided to come out of the hole building the best motor they could, then progressively making it worse with head gasket problems, a crappy auto trans behind it, etc. This car is basically the sedan (boy i'd rather have a wagon, but oh well) high water mark of 1990's Subaru.

It needs a new exhaust, and it made it home with a leaking tire and 3.5 quarts of oil less than it should have had, but like i say about 5000 times a day lately, "I'm working on it, I'm working on it..."


  1. As long as you act like you are trying to fix a subaru, it will keep running.

  2. i've also found that the only downside of running them with no oil is that they have a lifter rattle sometimes.

    also, they dont mind being run without coolant as long as you give them periodic breaks.