Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sachs is running again!

Replacing the totally gone crank seals and fixing a major air leak means i down-jetted from 160 to 90 and i'm still rich as heck in my VM18.

The most shocking thing is how long it took me to figure out something was wrong. Sometimes you get locked into thinking one thing is the problem (timing, points, condenser) and cant see the forest through the trees. You end up putting a 160 jet in your VM18 mikuni and not realizing that you're about 80 sizes too big.

Now i gotta order some smaller jets.

In other news, had a chance to put some more miles on my new chambered silencer and it is working awesome. That huge athena 80 has more intake noise than most kit's exhaust, so its kinda hard to tell exactly how well it is working, but i'm building another one this weekend for Caitlin's minarelli and i'm thinking its going to be quiet as heck. 

Moped neighbors everywhere are about to be super happy. Proma owners will start getting cookies from that sweet old lady next door again. The moped community can advance beyond the caveman approach to drilling holes in things and stuffing in a bunch of fuzz.

bah. i have a video of it running but cant get it to embed. guess y'all just have to wait with anticipation.

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