Friday, May 25, 2012

Wild Wednesdays!

Its been a long, busy winter and between moving out to the 'burbs, having the kid, working non-stop and not having much for running mopeds (especially a running 2-seater) my ability to get to Cranks' Wednesday night rides has been at an all time low.

That just makes it all the better when I can get out, and last night was no exception. Between final-ing this week and running around like a crazyman in general, it was a real treat to get out and ride with the crew.

It was pretty sweet to have Caitlin along on her own bike as well, I've tried a few times to get her to ride on her own and experience that side of mopeds, but the last few experiments ended badly, most notably Just the Tip 1, where she crashed pretty bad, due to riding my maxi with lousy brakes.

Getting her the general was something that has taken me a lot of time, a little luck, and some good moped karma. It was her first night riding a moped on her own since the JTT crash and I'm glad she could be on something safe and sturdy.

 Dez was back too, which always makes things more fun. He really lives the moped lifestyle and he's been an awesome addition to the Cranks since the first night he rolled up out of nowhere on his moby and agreed to go rally with us the following weekend.
Not having ridden with these guys for awhile I was pretty surprised how fast the pack is rolling these days. Caitlin and I were the only ones who didn't have KITS and everyone was blasting us pretty bad. Its time for some upgrayyds and the minarelli might even get one of those 43mm DR kits if Caite continues to feel more and more confident in her abilities.

In other news, the tecno circuit finally showed up yesterday too, and in the next week or two should be riding along happily underneath the peugeot, hopefully this bike will at long last reach blaster 50cc status. So far everyone I've told about the project is pretty excited and I'm really amped to bring a mild 50cc circuit pipe to the peugeot market. It seems like there is a huge black hole in that market just waiting to be filled by something that will give people a choice between stock/joke pipes and rediculous loose your pedals and deal with ball joint nonsense pipes.

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