Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Current Project Teaser

I've got four major performance builds right now that are newsworthy:

Sally Balboa
Sachs 505-2BX- Hand shift, manual clutch, long stroke motor from Roald in the Netherlands
80 cc Athena reedvalve kit
Puegeot 103 pipe by Simonini
Mikuni VM18 carb
More time and custom parts than i want to admit...
From Sachs 2bx-80

Annie 'Black Magik' rebuild- at one time a swinger 2
70 tccd
lots of fancy schmansy custom junk.
From Black Magic motor

From Black Magic motor

Tomos sprinter
70 Alukit, 2 petal polini reed block, 22 mm kehin clone...
custom everything, including beefed up bottom end with roller bearing con-rod, caged bearings, mod. clutches
rigid with dropped front end.
homemade hydroformed pipe
needs to be tuned for E85 and needs some sort of CDI.
From Sprinter

And, last but not least, a project for my buddy Dez, the roadBLASTER
Low budget, old school tuning:
porting, reeds, grindin' up shit.

From Projects