Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The workshop.

June of 2009, My lovely girlfriend Caitlin, and I signed a lease on an adorable cottage/back house. The place was rough, the rent was cheap, but the basement had a 4-Step egress door and a derelict, cluttered workshop. I wish i had some before pictures, because it was a mess; wood everywhere, no light bulbs, dirt floor, trash from the previous tenant all over. The potential was there however, and over the summer of 2009, I've cleaned out the junk, burned the wood scraps, patched up the dirt floor with other scraps, cleaned up the workbenches, and generally improved the heck out of the place.

Fast forward to November, I'm settled in for the long hard winter with a ventilation blower, air compressor and tools, workbenches all around, 'grinding station', lighting, spray booth, and almost every tool i could need to do top shelf moped repair.

I've been rediscovering some long-dormant writing skills, and now that day-to-day repairs are slowing down for winter, I have more time to work on performance tuning, which should be more interesting to write about.

From Cranks

So, I've decided to start blogging as much of this as possible. I've never done a real good job of documenting all my moped projects, but I think its a good idea to make myself work cleaner (as other people will be seeing it) and share ideas with other tuners in the MA online community.

I'm trying to turn writing into a career at some point in my life, technical or otherwise, so please critique the heck out of my posts. I'll do my best to write them in a clear, concise, professional style, and doccument with good pictures.

As you guys correct me technically and verbally, I hope to improve as a writer and engineer, so Thank You for reading! I'd also like to thank Caitlin, my girlfriend for putting up with all of this garbage, noise, and still letting me use her camera and computer to do this. I'd also like to thank the bloggers i've linked, as they all do a great job and motivate me to push harder and work cleaner.

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