Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Santa came early


Thanks to my exceptional good moped karma, I've recently come into the posession of an A55 stator and flywheel. This is the older one without the tabby for the pickup, but if i'm not mistaken, i can get a 2 wire CDI box (some sort of thyristor setup, i'm sure) that will work from an A35 or pre-2007 A55, or i can try to adapt a pickup and get things working with a RM, or YZ80 CDI box... I'm not sure what i'll do yet, but this is a 100-some dollar piece of the high-rpm puzzle that has just magically fallen into my hands and i'm pretty excited. I'll be headed to the machine shop later today hopefully to trim off the stupid starter ring gear, so i can fit it under the stock e-50 magneto cover.

Just goes to show you, never burn your bridges.

Also, lots of new pics up, an article on refreshing a motobecane, and the long-awaited second part of the timing series are in the works... plus a quick and dirty (literally) piece on rebuilding cup and cone style bearings. Ooh exciting!

PS.. if you're as excited as me about this (doubtful) you can scope the first look at my porting pics... pretty gnarly.

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